Parent Information

Studying violin or viola at Suzuki Strings in North Las Vegas is exciting, challenging and rewarding! 

Depending upon the age of the student when s/he is enrolled in Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas, progress can be rather slow in the beginning; but as the student learns it picks up momentum.  The beginning  requires patience since the Suzuki student needs to learn the fine motor coordination of the right and left hands as well as the basic techniques of the instrument.


There are times when the Suzuki student reaches a plateau and this is the time for additional support, encouragement and patience by the parent and teacher.  All these times are temporary and can be a learning experience for both the Suzuki student and parent.


Because of the importance of a time commitment for lessons, there needs to be a commitment to Suzuki Strings in North Las Vegas of 6 months.  After that time the decision about continuation of lessons can be discussed.


All parents of Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas are required to read “Nurtured by Love”, revised edition, by  Dr. Suzuki.  Also suggested is “Helping Parents Practice” by Dr. Ed Sprunger.  Go online to the Suzuki Association of America at for even more information.


In the Suzuki method and in the Suzuki Strings in North Las Vegas, beginning students learn to play by ear. In order to  accomplish this, the student is expected to listen to the Suzuki CD several times everyday and to listen many times to the piece the student will be working on next. 


It is the goal of Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas that the child can sing each piece with correct rhythm and pitch which makes the piece easier to play.


Listening to classical music and attending live concerts on a regular basis are essential parts of your child's music education at Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas.  They affirm the student's studies and can stimulate your child to emulate what they hear and see. Frequent listening also helps the student become familiar with classical repertoire.

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