Being a member of Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas and taking Suzuki violin or viola lessons means you become part of a musical community where the parents and teachers are equally involved in the Suzuki students' success.


Joining this Suzuki community begins with a student's desire to learn an instrument followed by a commitment made between the parent and student and then with the Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas teacher to take lessons and to practive.


The Suzuki parent is responsible for setting the place and time for practive, for making sure that the student listens to the Suzuki CD several times a day and by being patient and encouraging.  The student's responsibility is dependent upon the student's age but includes being positive and cooperating with his/her parent.


While there is a big family commitment in time and money the benefits are life changing and life long for both parent and child.


In addition to Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas private classes, families have the opportunity to attend Suzuki Institutes during the summer months where students meet, work and socialize with other Suzuki students who may be from around the USA or from other countries!


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