This is an overview of the Suzuki philosophy/method used by the Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas for violin lessons and viola lessons. 


Most students begin their private violin lessons with the Suzuki Method between the ages of 3 and 6,  and it is interesting to note that there is now research that suggests that children who have instrument lessons beginning at an early age have a greater capacity for spacial reasoning, mathematics and language skills.  They are also more focused and have more self-confidence.


Suzuki students in Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas learn by listening to a CD that contains the music they will learn to play.  Students  receive one private lesson per week.  



In the Suzuki Method and Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas, the parent is an important participant.  The parent attends all lessons  and is the home teacher.  Most families have more than one child and they are invited to attend the private classes as long as they are able to occupy themselves quietly.


 To begin lessons the student needs an appropriately sized violin and bow, Suzuki Violin Book 1 (revised), Suzuki Violin Book 1 CD performed by David Cerone, a notebook for taking notes, and a copy of “Nurtured by Love”, revised edition, by Dr. Suzuki which relates how and why he created his philosophy/method.  The book is a easy read .   Also suggested for parents is “Helping Parents Practice” by Dr. Ed Sprunger which is a very helpful book for dealing with a child.  To obtain all of the above, please see the “Links” page.

  1. Gain a sense of endless possibility

  2. Learn to appreciate music

  3. Gain self-esteem

  4. Become a confident individual

  5. Develop an ability to focus

  6. Develop excellent memory

  7. Develop logical thinking

  8. Develop coordination

  9. Develop time management skills

  10. Acquire critical evaluation skills

  11. Gain respect

  12. Learn patience

  13. Become poised

  14. Develop social skills

  15. Learn a unique way to express oneself

  16. Learn how to psychologically & physiologically prepare for performing

  17. Learn to practice so one will have a life-long learning skill

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